Project type: University assignment

Date: 2015

Duration: 3 Weeks

Team size: 3 Persons

Technology: Unity, Android

My tasks: Programming, Game System Design, Particle Systems



„Trio Chips“ is a concept for a product supporting smartphone application which is directly connected to our fictional chip brand with the same name. The customer buys a can of chips in a supermarket where he finds a code for unlocking one of the three levels. The application itself is for free, the player just needs to enter a code to use it as a game. When he ate all chips and the can is empty he can cut a hole into the marked area at the bottom and insert his phone. „Trio-Chips“ is completely controllable with the phone’s gyroscope therefore the whole can works like a telescope. The player finds himself in a world full of vegetables where he can look around and search for little chip-guys which are hidden in the level. As assisting element he can turn the chip can in his hand to zoom in and spot those in distance. After he found all the 10 chip-guys he won and can buy a new flavor to unlock another level.

Design goals:

The biggest challenge of this university project was the short duration which was limited to three weeks. The task was to create a „product game“ so we decided to combine a fictional product with a smartphone. Important for us was the way of interacting and playing. The game shouldn’t work as bonus material of the bought product, we wanted the player to combine the product itself with the application. This way, we could make sure that the application wouldn’t work without buying the actual product and the idea of having the chips can in your hand while playing was very pleasing to us. We wanted the gameplay to be as simple and intuitive as possible to ensure everybody can play it. After some prototypes, we came up with the idea of putting the device inside the can and controlling the whole game over the gyroscope instead of using the touchscreen. The player could enter the world of „Trio-Chips“ by looking at the bottom of the can where he could explore the world by searching for the brand’s mascots. It was very important for us that the whole world was three-dimensional but we wanted the game to work fluidly on every generation of mobile devices that’s why we created a low poly art style and very performant materials.

My tasks:

Since we were only three persons in our team we were involved equally in developing the initial idea. „Trio Chips“ was the first mobile game I’ve ever created that’s why I started with teaching me how to deploy applications with Unity on Android devices. After I had a running build on my phone I dived into the different input methods and figured out how to use the values from the gyroscope. My teammate was responsible for the game assets and after they were finished we placed them on the scene and worked together on the level design. To create a lively atmosphere, I build several particle systems directly into Unity. Finally, I programmed the remaining mechanics and the main menu.