Project type: Hackathon

Date: 2017

Duration: 48 hours

Team size: 7 Persons

Technology: Unity, Vuforia, Android

My tasks: Programming, Game System Design

Result: 2nd Place


„WE.AR“ is a social application for conventions which features augmented reality business cards and works as a digital storage. When the user enters the convention, he gets his customized t-shirt. During the registration process, he chose from one of the preselected graphics and entered some basic information about his person. The shirt features a slight variation from the chosen graphics to ensure every participating person has a unique motif. When you see someone you want to connect with on the convention, you pull out your smartphone and take a selfie with the application. „WE.AR“ recognizes the motif and displays the matching user information as a floating augmented text on the photo. This way the application connects users and makes it easier to remember the face of every person you met during the event.

Design goals:

We created the concept and prototype for the „Fashion Hack Day 2017“ where we had 48 hours to finish our final product. Our initial idea was to combine augmented reality with a textile product so we could visualize content on top of a piece of clothing. Since I already had some experience with augmented reality, I could approximately evaluate the scope and considered it possible in 48 hours. We started to design a concept using a concrete use case to restrict ourselves and came up with the goal to develop an application with a social impact. We then had to reduce the whole context to fulfill the technical requirements of the augmentation because it wouldn’t work that way in everyday life. We had to ensure that everybody was wearing his unique piece of clothing to display the personalized information that’s why we picked a convention as an environment. Therefore we took some iconic graphics and slightly distorted them which was enough for the application to distinguish between thousands of variations. After we established our set, we focused on the social aspect and immediately thought about the difficulty with collecting business cards and how you always lose the overview of the persons you meet. That’s why we created an augmented business card. Just hover over the motif on the distributed shirt and check the information the person wanted to share with you or even take a selfie together.

My tasks:

I pitched the initial concept of creating an augmented reality application on a smartphone and that we could track graphics on textile this way. Luckily lots of people liked this idea and joined my team. As mentioned before, we started by brainstorming about the functions and possible use cases together as a team until we came to the point where we had to check the functionality. I showed my teammates how to use the Vuforia plugin for Unity, and we started to program a prototype. After testing some features and malfunctions, we could finish the development of our concept and start thinking about possible motifs. The rest of the time I helped programming the missing features and was involved in decision making.


Fashion Hack Day Website


– Foto-Credit: (c) Wear It Berlin / Michael Wittig, Berlin